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Dr. Peter Laki of the Cleveland Orchestra and his cartoon twin brother Lucky Peter travel through Germany following J.S. Bach's footsteps.

The 18th century world of the great German composer Johann Sebastian Bach comes to life in this movie.  Educational and fun for children and their families, shot in all the authentic places where the legendary composer lived and worked, this documentary brings Bach’s time and music to life. Renowned musicologist Dr. Peter Laki is joined by his cartoon twin brother Lucky Peter and other animated characters in this engaging and humorous film for children of all ages.

CD-ROM/Computer Game

Based on the best of Johann Sebastian Bach’s music, the Discover Bach! computer game is filled with kid-friendly navigation and exquisite graphics, allowing players to explore and expand their musical abilities.

Children help Bach to find missing musical parts for his new Flute Sonata to make sure that Bach’s presentation for the King of Prussia is a success. In order to do that they need to solve Musical Jigsaw Puzzles™, find the right melodies in the Melody Puzzles, answer the trivia questions correctly, and browse through the Bach, Baroque, and Beyond Interactive Encyclopedia.

Discover Bach! contains hours and hours of interactive fun and music:

·          16 Musical Jigsaw PuzzlesTM

·          9 Reversed Musical Jigsaw PuzzlesTM

·          16 Melody Puzzles

·          72 Trivia Quiz Questions

·          Bach, Baroque, and Beyond Interactive Encyclopedia

·          Audio and Video materials

Ages: 8+ 

System Requirements: Windows 98 or higher, Pentium IV 600 MHz or higher, 512MB RAM, 350 MB available on Hard Drive

Available for MAC!

System Requirements: G3, G4, G5 Macintosh computer, OSX, 512MB RAM minimum