Alice in Vivaldi's Four Seasons Music Game

“It is so much fun, most appealing to children!”

- The New York Times

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Alice in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is a music appreciation tool like no other. Brimming with contagious fun and countless surprises, Alice in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons offers an engaging story and dozens of educational games, puzzles and riddles that stay firmly focused on learning about music.

The CD-ROM also features an interactive Encyclopedia of Musical Instruments (including the new Baroque Instruments section); Vivaldi’s narrated Biography and an extensive Listening Room, where kids will enjoy the complete recording of Vivaldi's unforgettable masterpiece - The Four Seasons.  

From the moment Alice enters the broken clock left behind by the White Rabbit, users understand that they are in for a fascinating adventure as they try to repair the clock and free Alice. There is literally no end to the kind of musical experience kids will have using this program - from understanding how music is made to identifying the unique sounds of different instruments to detecting tunes played in alternate styles. Many of the games use MGI’s Music Jigsaw Puzzle format that gives kids exposure to the twelve passages of The Four Seasons.

 Learning to appreciate the beauty of Vivaldi’s music happens as a matter of course as they stroll through the different game scenarios. Users will find that in no time they will be able to identify the passages, the instruments playing, their unique sounds and how each composition is representative of its season.   All game instructions are articulated by the charming and enigmatic Cheshire Cat, who also brims with memorable poems for kids, hilarious jokes and entertaining Lewis Carroll quotes.  

 “A brilliant title!”  - USA Today  

 “Brilliantly conceived and radiantly executed!” – San Jose Mercury News  

 “Alice in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is a children’s software program where critical thinking skills meet the classics, problem-solving meets poetry, music appreciation meets magic and creativity meets quality, computer-based, musical education. It's not just another "Name that Tune" or rip off of the old Simon game where you have to identify the tune in four notes or play it back note for note. This software takes the whole music appreciation genre for kids to new heights. Bravo!” – Children's Software Press  

Ages: 5 to 12

System Requirements: Windows XP or higher,